Sunday, September 14, 2014

A good afternoon on the radio

Just a bit more tidy
Today I took the chance to clean up the radio desk a bit, now that the LP-100A has been removed from the desk and sold I had a chance to rearrange things. I find it so funny that I remove one coax jumper at a time, then move a device  and re-attach the coax jumper and having done this to about 4 radio devices somehow I still end up with something going not where it should. I then have to trouble shoot things to get them back to "normal". Well things are working again and the shack/roll top desk is a little more organized. It was now time to get on the radio and see what was happening out there. I started out on 17m and came across W1AW/5 calling CQ I decided to drop my K3's power down to 500mW's and see how I did. I was able to snag him on the first call which meant it was a 2,211 miles per watt contact!
I then slipped over to 15m and came across V5/DK1CE calling CQ he was running split and it's not very often I try the split thing. It was only once before I was able to make a contact running split. I gave him a go and with about 2 repeats I was able to get into Namibia with 5 watts! I was thrilled to not only make a contact operating split but also to have my MFJ 1788 loop antenna with 5 watts make the trip.  

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Another item up for sale

A shot of the unit
 The LP-100A has been sold......
The Telepost LP-100A has been sitting on my desk for to long doing nothing so it's time to sell it and make some ham bucks! I built it myself and it was sent back to Telepost and Larry gave it a check over and calibrated it. For full information on the unit follow this link LP-100A

Friday, September 12, 2014

Some things are better left alone!

Some things are better left alone, have you ever had an "are you kidding me" moment! I just went through one that had me take a 2nd and 3rd look along with a refresh button push and a prayer. What caused this frenzee you all started with cleaning and good intentions. This evening I was relaxing in bed after an 11 day work shift. Before I drifted off (looking back drifting off would had been a great plan) I wanted to catch up on some blog reading. Having done that and also noticing I had some blogs I follow that have had no activity for over a year I felt it time to delete them......wrong feeling!! Well I ventured into my blog layout page then next to the "blogs I follow" gadget. Once there you have a view of all followed blogs and its here you can delete them or change URL's and so on.  It's kinda idiot proof.............unless you are an idiot!!! So I proceeded to delete my first stale blog once done I returned back to my blog to see if it was was ALONG WITH ALL BLOGS I FOLLOW!! Ok bloggers out there is there a way to undo this?? To all of you I follow I have not bounced you from the blog on purpose but by having a brain fart.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

MFJ 1788 and humid weather

Large plate capacitor
Over the past few weeks I have been very busy with work and not really anytime for radio or anything else really. I was on the radio for a very short time last week and the weather outside was very humid and HOT! The antenna I have is the MFJ 1788 loop and I have always been able to get a decent SWR on most bands the antenna was designed for. But for some reason I was not able to get an SWR under 2.1:1 on some bands the best I could do was 3.1:1. It turns out that the Humidity can affect the MFJ 1788 antenna and my guess is since the antenna has a large moving plate capacitor the humid air affects the air gap between the plates? The other day the weather was back to cooler non humid conditions and I tried the antenna again and the great SWR was back again. The antenna had not moved and nothing had changed other than the weather.