Sunday, May 1, 2016

Looking for some help!

This morning I noticed that my last post "A CW contest surprise" is not showing up on the blogs that follow me. I have just been able to see the post that was done 5 days ago on their blogs?? I have not changed any settings and I use Blogger to host my blog. Any info regarding this odd happening would be great!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

A CW contest surprise!

I was reading a fellow blogger Bob VA3QV post about the CQ WW CW 2015 contest and how he did in the contest. It got me thinking to head over to see how I did, I gave a rather part time effort and the conditions were not all that great...surprise surprise. Since moving into the condo I have not been giving the CW contests the effort I have in the past. I entered the contest Single op, QRP single band (15m). I read the results with shock........1st place in Canada, 10th in North America and 29th in the world. I was pleasantly surprised.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The numbers are down.

Not really this bad 
It's not ground breaking news to any ham who has had their rig on and searching for contacts that the conditions are not all that great. I have seen the SF index hit over 100 but the low sunspot numbers  are really not supporting a sustained up swing in conditions. I was on the radio this past weekend and was very surprised that my CW QRP signal was not making it to the East coast. That has always been an easy contact for me. I then tried to contact a K6 station calling CQ and I was not even heard! There is this very dusty knob on my K3 and it's called "RF power" knob. I am going to be venturing beyond the QRP limits and jacking things up to 10 watts. It's not a real drastic move but I want to make sure I am not causing any RF issues here at the condo. Having said that I have read of ham's who are in condos using 100 watts without any issues. I'm not going to take that change, not into the "lets see what happens" way of doing things.  So let's see what doubling my output from 5 to 10 watts nets me.

Monday, April 18, 2016

It's time cooler heads prevail!

The fans
Not wanting to have another Windows blue screen issue due to overheating I purchased two cooling fans for the PC tower. As mentioned in my previous post I did download HWMonitor that keeps track of the temperatures of my Hard drives, video card and CPU. Before the fans arrived I wanted to run the PC and monitor a baseline set of temperatures so I could see how the addition of the fans helped out to lower the PC temperatures. Before installing the fans I took some time to cut out the rear back board on the roll top desk
Snoopy checking on progress
so the hot air was able to escape. Before the fans were installed  my CPU temp ranged from 40C-45C, the video card was 55C-60C. After installing the fans I was pleased with the results. CPU temp was 28C-35C, video card temp's 38C-42C As mentioned I purchased two fans, I put an intake fan on the side panel and an exhaust fan on the rear panel. Ideally a front panel fan would be great but for some reason this tower does not have a front fan option. With adding the fans and opening up the roll top desk back panel the temp's significantly dropped. The high end temp's after the fans were installed was a result of the following programs running Win4k3suite, MRP40, N1MM, Google and also the power supply (which is in the same compartment as the PC). Next thing on the agenda is to organize a system backup for the hard drives because as we know Murphy is always just around the corner waiting for just that moment! At this point I am looking at software and option were to backup too.
Mood fans....:))