Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Solar data on blog not updating??

For about a month or longer I have noticed the the solar data chart that is on my blog is not always updating to the current day. Sometimes the information is 3 or more days old, I thought it was just my blog and was not refreshing properly but I have also noticed on other blogs the same thing happening.  I sent Paul N0NBH an email regarding this today. I like this little app on the blog as it's a nice fast check of conditions for both me and my readers. Having said that it's also true and I have experienced it myself……and that is don't always go by the solar data get on the air you may be surprised.

Monday, January 26, 2015

It's time for a change

Good evening all, as you can tell from the lack of updates on my blog my time has been spent elsewhere. The blog is still a very important to me and reading the others blogs is very enjoyable, I am committed to my blog but not as much for the last few months. This is not radio related at all and is by no means an advertisement. Julie and have decided to work on our overall health and we are under going a lifestyle change. We have decided to eat more of a plant based diet and move away from the processed food (or yummy food) We both have been very preoccupied with reading and research to make sure what we end up with  the best fit for our lifestyle. We have decided to start our journey by juicing to plain old cleaning out our systems. Then its largely a plant based diet with some juicing on the side. So this has kept me very busy and away from positing in my blog. We both hope to loose some pounds and overall eat and get healthy. So the blog is not gone by the way side I'm just getting my health back on track.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Following up

Some readers of my blog emailed me as well as others commented at amateur  for me to try to give CQ a call. One fine reader also sent along the 1 800 number to CQ and on Monday I was going to give them a call. Today is Monday and I did not want to make the call to early in the morning as I did email them and wanted to give some time to see if they would answer me via email. The morning and part of the afternoon went by and no email. So I gave the 1 800 number a call, now sometimes these numbers don't work when calling from Canada BUT this one went through! There was some automated number pushing I had to do to get to the circulation dept. I was able to get to the ext of those that looked after problems with their circulation of CQ! So what happen you ask……IT WAS AN ANSWERING MACHINE…….I was to leave a message with my name and ZIP code to which I gave them my postal code. Then I was asked to leave a brief message with my issue (my issue was far from brief) I also added my phone number and call sign. 
That's the update so far no email and the circulation office seems to have gone the way of an answering machine. This evening I'm going to sit down with some tea and read my QST heck both the digital and print version have arrived! 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

An eye opening lazy day…….

Julie and I are having what we call a "Lazy day" today. It's basically a time of rest and relaxation things around the house that need to be done can wait just one more day! Well to start off my lazy day I remembered I had a digi version of QST waiting for me. I wanted to download it on my laptop and do some reading and sipping of nice warm latte. I never did get to the digi QST as something on the ARRL site caught my eye! CQ magazine has announced it is combining the January/February issues and dropping the digi version of CQ plus. I am a CQ subscriber so this caught my attention! Last February CQ dropped Popular communications, VHF plus and World radio online, we were told a new CQ plus was added to the digi version of the magazine to cover off some content lost in dropping those magazines. It would be an additional 60 or so pages and I thought that was a great deal so I subscribed. I started to get the digital version of CQ sent to me each month, I did think this to be odd as I thought the paper version was to come as well. I did email them and did not receive an answer so I assumed it was just the digi version I ordered.
Having read CQ's announcement of dropping CQ plus and combining issues I was not thrilled and wanted to see how time I have on my subscription. I went to their site, logged in and could not find any info about my subscription. I did find other items I had ordered including a calendar so I clicked on that. It was then I found out where my hard copy of CQ was going…..THE WRONG ADDRESS! For some reason the bill to address and ship to address's were different. We had moved and I did change all the credit card address's and added a change of address with the post office just in case. On their site you can only change the bill to address and not the ship to address. I even changed the address with CQ  magazine to boot.

Not to thrilled with CQ at this time…….
1. Shipping address is wrong even after an email to them regarding not getting my hard copy which went unanswered.
2. Can't even find my subscription details on their site.
3. Even if I wanted to change the shipping address I can't on their site you can only change the billing address.
4. They do have a customer service link on their site but you have to cut and paste their email address into yours…..not even a link is given. Plus I don't have high hopes of hearing back anyway.
5. The subscription I paid for…..12 issues and CQ Plus is now being changed. This was the big selling point from CQ when I purchase my year's (well I think it is a year as I can't check) subscription.
6. If you go to their website today you are still be told that CQ plus is being offered as part of your digi offer when in fact it is being cancelled see the bottom paragraph once you click on the link.
Well my lazy day is going to start NOW after venting here on the blog and as my blood pressure drops.